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Iolani Quartets


The Tam and Young String Quartet joins the Cooke String Quartet

by Joan Wehrman and Teresa McCreary

The Iolani Tam and Young Arts Chair has just joined forces with the Cooke family to sponsor another string quartet this 2000-01 season.

This new quartet is modeled after the Cooke quartet, which has been in existence for over eight years.  Auditions were held in the second week of school, and the following students were selected for the new Tam and Young String Quartet:  violinists Melissa Spence '04 and Hilari Kawakami-Wong '02, violist Jana Murakami '02, and cellist Jacquelyn Tom '01.

This year's Cooke quartet is violinists Allyson Spence '04 and Ryan Dote '02, violist Kiyomi Goto '02, and cellist Chad Himeda '01.  These quartets are coached one hour a week and practice on their own for one hour.

The groups will play at several Iolani functions this year, and they are also sought out to play for weddings, social receptions, and other functions in the community.  

The Iolani student quartets are so popular this year that the directors formed two other excellent groups.  The members of the other Iolani quartets are violinists John Kukui '04 and Ricky Nyguen '02, violinist Erin Sakai '02, and cellist Keoki Noji '01.  This group, along with the Cooke Quartet and Tam and Young quartet, is coached by Honolulu Symphony member Darel Stark.  Violinists Beth Toyofuku '03 and Rachel Bradshaw '03, violist Brad Kamitaki '04, and cellist Jennifer Saito '03 are coached by Honolulu Symphony member Suzie Lee.  The Iolani orchestra program is proud to offer these chamber music opportunities for our students.  

The Performing Arts Department is very grateful to the Tam and Young Family and the Cooke Family for supporting our young Iolani musicians. 


Iolani's Cooke Quartet

Iolani Quartet

Iolani's Tam Young String Quartet