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"The Horseman in the Sky"

By: Ambrose Bierce

The Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce is an interesting story about a soldier who kills his father. If you would like to read the story click here. To read about Carter's justification for killing his father, read Justin's paper. If that doesn't suit your fancy, read Sean's paper on an analysis of the title and its significance to the story.

On a lighter and more humorous twist to the story read about different possible endings to the story that we dreamt up. The Horseman Lived On, by Sean, is about Carter meeting with his father at the bottom of the cliff. Justin's ending is about Carter at The Gates of Heaven.

As a supplement to our writings we have included imaginative, yet fictional letters from characters affected by the story. Justin's letter is from Carter Druse to his Uncle Joseph. An apologetic letter about killing his father. Sean's letter is from an unknown officer to General Grant. In this letter of resignation the soldier feels compelled to resign after hearing about Carter killing his father.