This Create Your Own Poem was inspired by Walt Whitman's "As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods," and with the help of Mad Libs. Have fun creating your own poem!

Create Your Own Poem

By: Lisa

Directions: Make a list of words in the order listed below. Then, read your created poem on the next page.

1. noun: car
2. noun: turtle
3. adverb: happily
4. noun: volcano
Result: The car and the turtle went happily down the volcano.

Some words to use:

-hopped   -bizarre   -galloped   -frolicked   

-skipped -sleep -jumped -snore
-cars -stung -tables -eat
-smelly -ebullient -elevator -crazy
-head -ear -refrigerator

1. verb past tense:
2. noun plural:
3. body part:
4. noun:
5. verb past tense:
6. noun:
7. verb past tense:
8. noun:
9. adjective:
10. adjective:
11. verb:
12. noun:
13. verb past tense:
14. adjective:
15. noun:
16. adjective:
17. adjective:

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