Harold Keables


The Keables Guide is the book Mr. Keables never wrote. It is one he would love.

Dr. Michael LaGory has taken the writing philosophy and teaching method that Mr. Keables developed and presented it in a format that is easy to use and effective in improving writing. It is a system that works.

Mr. Keables used this system for the fifteen years he taught at Iolani from 1965 to 1980. It is an instructional technique that was a lifetime in the making, evolving from the years Mr. Keables taught in Denver, Colorado where he was named National Teacher of the Year, to his Iolani years when he taught creative writing and AP English.

The system uses the student's own writing as a starting point for learning. Students move from their writing to the principles that govern effective and correct expression. They learn what they need when they need it in order to improve their own skills as writers. It is practical, efficient and highly effective. It gives Iolani teachers a consistent correction system for grades seven through twelve.

The name and legacy of Harold Keables live on in the awards given each spring in his and his wife's names, in the Keables Chair that annually brings outstanding teachers, scholars and artists to the Iolani campus, and in this book, The Keables Guide to good writing. The methods, standards and genius that made Mr. Keables a great teacher find a new voice in the work of Dr. LaGory. Thanks to him and the teachers and students who use The Keables Guide, that voice will continue to guide and inspire young readers.


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