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STUDENTS MAY ENJOY THE RECREATION AND SPORTS PROGRAMS whether or not they are enrolled in Iolani's academic summer school program. Fees and requirements for each program are indicated with descriptions. Programs added on will be charged the single program rate. Students should come the first day ready for their activity.

Summer Recreation Programs

Participants in the two recreation programs will meet at their registered time in the Main Gym (Kamoku Street) on June 12. They should wear play clothes and tennis or basketball shoes. Student drop-off information is available in the summer school office.

Recreation Program

6 weeks, 4 hours morning, 3 hours afternoon

Iolani staff members provide qualified supervision in recreational games, arts and crafts, bowling and water activities. Students will be placed in age groups with activities appropriate to their abilities and interests. Students in grades 4-6 will work on fundamentals in a variety of team sports as well as traditional recreational activities. The cost includes all transportation, excursions, supplies, bowling and overnight camp fees. Note: We plan to have an overnight camp on Tuesday, July 23, with pickup at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24.

For students entering grade K-6 7:30-11:30 Tuition: $490 W101S (CLOSED at 7:30)
12:45-3:45 Tuition: $375 W103S (CLOSED at 12:45)

Basic Kayaking

3 weeks, 2 1/2 hours

Students will develop knowledge and skill to practice safe kayaking in recreation or as a team sport. Students will experience, enjoy and appreciate Hawaii's ocean environment. Students should be able to swim 200 yards and survival float for 3 minutes. Kayaks will be provided. Tuition: $180

Open to students entering grades 8-12 1:00 -- 3:00 June 12 --July 2 W160S CLOSED

Advanced Kayaking

3 weeks, 2 1/2 hours

Students will improve upon their basic kayaking skills through exploration of the South shore coastline of Oahu. Basic kayaking or instructor approval is required to enroll. Participants must be able to swim 200 yards and survival float for 10 minutes. Kayaks will be provided. Tuition: $180

Open to students entering grades 8-12 1:00 -- 3:00 July 3--23 W161S


3 weeks, 2 1/2 hours

Students will have one hour of quiet supervised study time, followed by and hour and a half of various intramural activities, such as swimming, paddling, bowling, hiking, volleyball, basketball, football, softball and other lifetime games. A great way to spend those hot summer afternoons!
Tuition: $180 per session, $340 for both sessions if registered in advance

Open to students entering grades 6-9 1:15 -- 3:45 June 12 --July 2 W170S

Open to students entering grades 6-9 1:15 -- 3:35 July 3--23 W171S

Baseball Summer Camp (For students entering grades 4-7)
The Iolani baseball program provides the perfect opportunity for players to sharpen their overall skills and understanding of the game. Through creative instruction, field trips, classroom discussions and guest speakers, students will learn the skills and attitude necessary for competitive play. Session 1 is geared towards experienced (tournament bound) players. Session 2 is for baseball players of all levels. Call Coach Dean Yonamine at 943-2261 if you have any questions. Tuition: $375 each session.

SESSION 1: 1:00-3:30 June 12- July 2G807S (for students entering grades 5-7) (CLOSED)

SESSION 2: 1:00-3:30 July 3-23 G808S (for students entering grades 4-6)

Physical Education

6 weeks, 1 hour, 1/4 credit, S/U

Improve overall physical fitness! Students learn a variety of exercise programs (circuit training,aerobic movement, jogging, swimming, interval training) geared to maintaining lifetime fitness. Increase in weekly workouts will determine individual progress. Students may fulfill one quarter of the PE requirement with this course. Open to Iolani students only. Tuition: $215

Open to students entering grades 9-12 8:00; 9:00; 10:30; 11:30, 1:15 P300S (CLOSED)


3 or 6 weeks, 40 minutes

Under the direction of Linda Noda Look, the swimming program provides expert instruction to students beginning at age six. Students are placed according to ability, and they advance at their own rate. Students should indicate one of the following LEVELS on the registration form. Water adjustment: students become familiar with basic water skills; Beginning swimmers: refine freestyle and basic strokes and receive instruction in other strokes; Intermediate swimmers: continue to refine and develop all strokes. Tuition: $180 for 3 weeks; $340 for 6 weeks, if registered in advance.

Open to students age 6 years and up 11:45; 12:35; 1:25; 2:15 June 12- July 2 W107S
11:45; 12:35; 1:25; 2:15 July 3-23 W108S


3 or 6 weeks, 1 hour, no credit

The tennis program is open to students from age 5 through high school. Students are placed into novice or intermediate groups, according to their ability and progress at their own pace. Beginning players acquire the basic strokes; intermediate players work on refining their strokes and concentrate on singles and doubles strategy. Participants need to provide their own racquets and tennis shoes. Due to construction, the courts will be smaller than regulation size. Balls will be provided. Sections with insufficient enrollment will be canceled. Tuition: $185 for 3 weeks; $350 for 6 weeks, if registered in advance. Advanced players, call 943-2262 for more information.

8:00; 9:15; 10:30; 11:55; 1:00; 2:15 June 12- July 2 W120S (CLOSED at 10:30,1:00, & 2:15)
8:00; 9:15; 10:30; 11:55; 1:00; 2:15 July 3- 23 W121S (CLOSED at 10:30, 1:00 & 2:15)

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